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Precious - Excellence in Jewellery Design Exhibition

Welcome, jewellery enthusiasts and fashionistas! Get ready to be dazzled by the most exquisite and innovative jewellery designs at the now showing, Precious - Excellence in Jewellery Design Exhibition. This extraordinary exhibition promises to be a feast for the eyes, showcasing the brilliance and artistry of talented designers from around the Lutruwita/ Tasmania.

Discover the rich diversity of talent, skill, and creativity of artists exploring the intersection between art and body adornment.

Precious celebrates the best of contemporary jewellery practice, with Tasmania at its heart.

Traditional materials together with the less expected transform emotions, ideas and narratives to accompany the wearer long after they leave the studio.

This is QVMAG's first exhibition in more than 20 years dedicated to artists who explore, delight in, and expand the possibilities of contemporary jewellery.


Art Gallery at Royal Park

8 July – 1 October 2023

Free entry



Emma Robertson

A love for country and culture inspires Emma's work. Her jewellery is created to embellish the wearer, with each piece worn with pride. Her work acknowledges her culture and brings strength to their stories

A proud palawa woman whose family are from the trawlwoolway people in north-east Tasmania and connected to the south east area later, Emma uses elements from nature to connect to culture. She gives a second life to the natural resources, pushing the limits of materials and trying new processes.

Emma loves the freedom of creating something entirely from scratch. From idea to adornment, creating pieces is a rewarding and at times amusing endeavour.



Emma Robertson

Born 1978 nipaluna/Hobart, Tasmania


1.tramanya necklace, 2021. Echidna quills and river reed

2. tramanya kanalaritia, 2019. Maireener shells, echidna quills

3. Ceremony, 2023. Emu feathers, rafia, cord

4.Peacock, 2023. Peacock feathers, cotton, stainless findings

5. Ceremonial Celebration, 2023. Stainless steel, cotton, maireener shells, emu feathers

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