Metricon Design Summit

Metricon Design Summit

Metricon Design Summit: A Hands-On Session on Indigenous Design

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of co-presenting with the lovley Christine McCoy at The Metricon Design Summit. This event brought together industry professionals and enthusiasts to explore the intersection of Indigenous design and modern design. The focus was on how we can shape old knowledge into contemporary creations.

The session began with me delivering a talk on how my people lived in harmony with the land and incorporated nature into our designs.  We then held a hands-on workshop, where each team was tasked with creating their own artworks. The central theme was "Country", and we were given the opportunity to work with natural elements such as leaves, sand, bark, gumnuts, shells, and plants. Additionally, we had access to design elements like fabric, colorbond, timbers, and landscape images.

The atmosphere was vibrant and creative, as each team brainstormed and worked on their projects. It was inspiring to see the diversity of ideas and interpretations. The artworks ranged from intricate collages to sculptures, incorporating various textures and materials.

Throughout the session, we shared insights into the cultural significance of Indigenous designs. We learned about the traditional techniques and the stories that behind each design element. It was fascinating to see how the elements we worked with carried their own symbolism and cultural significance.

The Metricon Design Summit was an incredible experience. The hands-on session  allowed us to explore new ideas and create unique artworks. It was a refreshing approach to design, reminding us of the beauty that can be found in nature and the richness that comes from incorporating traditional knowledge into modern design.

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