Country to Couture

Country to Couture

Have you ever felt like the luckiest person in the world? Well, that's exactly how I felt when I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Country to Couture Fashion show. Let me tell you, it was a fashion extravaganza like no other!

What is Country to Couture?

Before we dive into the fabulous details of the event, let's start with the basics. Country to Couture is a unique fashion show that combines the best of country style with high-end couture fashion. It's a celebration of the fusion between Culture and Fashion, and boy, does it deliver!


The annual showcase of First Nations textiles and fashion design.

Supported by the Northern Territory Government and iconic Australian lifestyle brand Country Road.

Country to Couture is where First Nations textiles, fashion and art collide in a colourful showcase of creativity from across Australia.

A celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander textiles and fashion design, Country to Couture is a contemporary way of cultural storytelling, and sharing knowledge. The event builds on the growing textile design movement in remote Indigenous communities, and has been presented alongside the annual Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (DAAF) since 2016.

The high energy runway presents innovative collections from Indigenous designers and artists across Australia, as well as unique collaborations between Indigenous communities and well-known Australian labels.


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