Artist Talk - Bett Gallery Nipaluna, Hobart

Artist Talk - Bett Gallery Nipaluna, Hobart


Today I joined Aunty Jeanette James and my sister Bec Woolley for an Artists talk at Bett Gallery, where the current Kunalaritja Tunapri exhibition is being held.  This fully sold out event was lovely and the questions showed a deep understanding and respect for our culture.  Audience members listened as Aunty Jeanette recalled her early days from learning to string alongside her mum, Aunty Corrie Fullard.

She explained that our culture of shell stringing has been virtually unchanged through history with the small allowances for things such as the introduction of strings etc.  But the main way of collecting, in the water, with the right tides and weather has been that way for millennia.  I was able to share what it means for Bec and I.  How we share this as sisters and that its a vital part of what keeps us strong in mind, spirit and culture.

I feel so honoured that my people are amongst the oldest living culture in the world.  When I spend time on Country sharing this knowledge with my kids, I know one day they will have the same feelings that I do, love for the land, love for the waters and love for our culture. 

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